Permanent Staffing

Hiring the right talent is the key for any successful organisation.  We are committed to identifying the right candidate through our stringent and rigorous selection process.  We are here to support our customer to pick out the right one.

Quench Techno Valley gives you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have the required expertise to help your company to achieve its business goals.

Find The Right Talent

Client can rely on our professional consultants to find the right talent for their projects; we assure you that through our recruitment methodology you will get the right talent on time.

What We Do

  • We spend time to study and understand your business requirements, Company culture and objectives in detail and undertake research on the relevant industry
  • Attract the best talent, identify it through referrals, mentorship, technical panel with tested processes
  • Customise our talent search to your specific requirements so that we can place the right candidate to your organisation to add value to it.


  • Candidate engagement process and post offer follow up on a milestone basis till they are on board on time
  • Shorter Recruiting cycle, Validation and assessment process, Pre-screening template
  • Candidates fitment under technical, behavioural, functional and motivational parameters

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Professional Staffing

  • Reduction of costs and corporate overheads
  • Clients Focus on core – competencies
  • Effective Time Management
  • Flexibility and Resource Optimization

Client Acquisition

  •  Support professional staffing companies to acquire right client to enhance their productivity and revenue
  • Work with end customer to offer right mix of professional staffing solutions through market leaders with 100% statutory compliance

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Other Value Added Services

Campus selection

Strong connect with leading institutes across South India to support organisation to hire right talent from the colleges. Tailor made training program on HR best practices including recruitment, screening, selection and on boarding

Outplacement Services

Decision to lay off employees is not an easy task, but sometimes, it’s necessary in the best interest of the company as a whole. We offer outplacement services to these individuals, which includes mentorship, resume writing, placement assistance and interview preparation.

Merger & Acquisition

Support organisation to make a right choice for M & A.

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Our passion and context is to provide jobs to the people.  In this process we would like to address and contribute to the needy people at all stages of recruitment life cycle.

Campus 2 Career